Monday, November 07, 2005

Does anybody want to bet that there would not have been a whole lot less vandalism in France over the past week if France had less strict gun control laws? Isn't what is going on in France just the reaon the people (at least in the US) have the right to own guns... in order to protect themselves, their neighbors and their property?

And the news that the French police are throwing in towel and begging for the Army to come save them sure gives lie to the claim of gun control advocates that the people don't need weapons, that the police will do just fine.

Then again, maybe the French wouldn't have fought back, even if they all did have guns. Perhaps surrendering is just in their blood. How else to explain the French police being shot at and not firing back? According to the story, a number of police were injured by "youths firing fine-grain birdshot". Well, you've got to be pretty darned close to someone to injure them with birdshot.... birdshot is not going to hurt someone outside (my guess) 100 or so yards away.... which means the French police ought to have seen it coming.... yet took it on the chin, the arm, the leg. Can you imagine the police in any US city keeping their weapons holstered in the face of shotgun attacks?

And this is going to do wonders for France's desire to lead the non-America bloc of countries... who wouldn't want to align themselves with a country whose impotency is being shown on TV every night? What a great slogan for French President Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin: "Count on us to stand up to the United States... even though we won't fight back against criminals in our own country".