Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Despite all-time lows in public support and daily reports of ever more US military casualties, according to Rumsfeld, "the strategy (for Iraq) is working, and we should stick to it"...

Gee, Don, it would be a lot easier to believe you if we had a friggin idea of what that strategy was... Of course, that would have required your boss to actually tell the American people what his plans were.... so we could match up what is happening on the ground with what he said would happen on the ground. Forgot about that, did you? Or is it that you two just think we're so stupid that a few insults aimed at the other side is sufficient to keep us in line?

Imagine how Carly Fiorina must feel.... all she had to do to keep her job was refuse to give the HP Board any idea of what she was trying to do and insult those who questioned her. That way, she could just show up at the meetings and say all was peachy, everything was working out just fine.