Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A couple more reasons why I believe Kilgore and Bush 'lost' Virginia...

Kilgore lost 200,000 voters in just four years
. In 2001, Kilgore, then running for Attorney General, took 1.1 million votes out of the 1.8 million that were cast. In 2005, Kilgore pulled in less than a million votes, out of almost 2 million that were cast. More voters casting votes, yet Kilgore couldn't even keep the people who voted for him 4 years earlier.

Both the GOP candidates for Lieutenant Governor and for Attorney General outpulled Kilgore, and did so despite slightly fewer votes being cast for those two positions than were cast for Governor. And, given that both of these positions are pretty much decided along party lines, it is clear that there was no state-wide repudiation of the GOP. The GOP sent enough voters to the polls... they just didn't vote for Kilgore.