Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bush has no one to blame but himself for the constant drumbeat of calls for a pullout from Iraq, whether it was the Senate action this week or today's call from 'hawkish' Democrat and Vietnam vet John Murtha...

Had Bush given us some timetables, had he outlined some specific goals for what we hoped to accomplish, had he provided us with a scorecard (body counts, accomplishments, etc.), then there might not have been so many people left in the dark about what is going on over there, he wouldn't have left a vacuum which drew in the bad news. We'd see what has been done, we'd see what remained to be done, we'd have some benchmarks to measure the competence of our civilian and military leadership in devising plans to meet those goals. We'd have a reason for thinking there was light at the end of the tunnel.

But, nnnnooooo, Bush wouldn't do any of that. He merely recites his 'stay the course' mantra over and over and over again. He treated those who asked questions and those who questioned his approach to managing the conflict as if they were advocating a surrender to terrorists. He and his Adminstration conflated discussions about whether there was support for removing Hussein with Bush's goal of bringing democracy to the world.

Not only has Bush done a p***-poor job of planning to keep the Presidency in GOP hands, he has done a terrible job of setting the stage for his successor - regardless of which party captures the White House - to 'stay the course' in Iraq. After all, one can't stay the course if one doesn't know what the course entails, can they? All Bush has done in Iraq - other than cost upwards of 2,000 servicemen their lives - is ensure that the next President, as one of their very first actions, will announce plans to start drawing down troops in Iraq.

As a result of his own incompetence, Bush has lost the war in Iraq... he just doesn't know it yet.