Friday, October 28, 2005

Well, I guess if Fitzgerald is basing his indictment of Libby on the testimony of a number of reporters, that could account for why he has been taking so long to make up his mind on whether to proceed...

If I were the prosecutor, I sure would not want my case to depend on the credibility of reporters.

Fitzgerald is going to have to overcome juror's antipathy to the MSM in general (even in Washington, it's possible to get a Republican on the jury, and we know how highly Republicans think of the MSM).

He also has to deal with putting on the stand Matt Cooper, who's married to Mandy Grunwald, a major player in Democratic Party circles and big time friend of Hillary - no potential for bias here, is there? He has to deal with Judith Miller, whose credibility has been attacked by her very own paper.... a paper, by the way, whose own reputation is not so great. As for the others that might contribute to Fitzgerald's crusade, how many of them will not have had times in their career where they misrepresented in some way what a source told them?

And, in a big unknown, I don't know if Fitzgerald is going to be able to get them on the stand to testify. From what I understand, a number of reporters agreed to be interviewed in private, but were not actually called to testify; they may not respond favorably to being put on the stand and forced to testify in full open court.

All in all, not a line up I would want if I was pursuing a case that depended in large part of those who were testifying to their side of "who said what to whom and when?"