Sunday, October 30, 2005

A problem with Fitzgerald's assumptions...

According to Fitzgerald's presentation, (courtesy of Tom Maguire), Libby concocted the storyline that he had heard about Plame from a number of reporters as a "... compelling story that will lead the FBI to go away if only it were true".

This doesn't make sense. Fitzgerald was tasked with finding out who leaked Plame's name to the media. For Libby to claim that he had gotten information about Plame from the media would NOT make the FBI go away, it would make them go after the reporters Libby talked to in order to try and find out from them where they had gotten the information from. Based on what Libby told them, the FBI would have to conclude that Miller, Russert and Cooper had learned of Plame from another leaker somewhere else in the Administration and/or CIA, and immediately would have sought to interview them to try to determine the name of that leaker.... which is exactly what they did, only to be told that there was no other leaker, that whatever information they had they had gotten from Libby. However dumb Libby might be, I've got to think he wasn't so dumb enough as to tell a lie to investigators and point them to people he knew would fail to corroborate his story.

And, as I've said before, Libby gave waivers to the reporters and I fail to understand why he would do so knowing they would incriminate him. Sure, he was supposedly required to do so in order to keep his job, but why would he do so instead of quiting under protest, returning to private practice and leaving the FBI and the grand jury unable to proceed?

And this also opens up a credibility issue for all three reporters. At least two of them, Cooper and Miller, refused (at least for a while) to discuss with investigators and the grand jury their discussions with their sources. If Libby were telling the truth that he had gotten information from these reporters, I don't think it far fetched that they would have denied that story in order to protect their sources who had given them the information.... another reason I'm not so sure why Fitzgerald was so eager to charge Libby based on the testimony from three members in good standing of the MSM.

Just continuing to wonder... anyone else doing the same?