Saturday, October 29, 2005

PoliPundit points out that the reality of the Fitzgerald investigation is quite a bit different from what the liberals hoped would result from the two year plus investigation.... that indicting Libby doesn't come near to what liberals portrayed as a total criminal conspiracy to betray national security that reached all the way up to Bush and Cheney.

This reality-v-hope is nothing new for liberals. Time and time again, they portray events in terribly bad terms, only to have the reality be quite a bit less. They did so with Katrina, with their descriptions of cannibalism, of 10,000 deaths, of racism being responsible for what they described as a terrible response, and of Bush and his cronies at FEMA of being primarily responsible for the damage.... and, of course, the reality didn't quite match up to their hyperbole.

They've done so in Iraq, with their pre-war cries that we would lose thousands and thousands of troops in the initial stages, that Hussein would use chemical weapons against our troops, that we were going in without any global support, that we are currently engaged in a repeat of Vietnam and so on.... and, time after time, what they predicted - and hoped for - hasn't materialized.

They did so in crying that Republicans have been engaging in voter fraud, in dis-enfranchising blacks and other minorities. They cried that it was the US Supreme Court that had run amok. They screamed that Gore had gotten more votes in Florida. And, of course, the reality is quite a bit different. Bush received more votes than Gore did in Florida. It's the Democrats who are under indictment for vote fraud, it was the Florida Supreme Court that had gone off the deep end.

Now, it's not that the Democrats are stupid. They know full well that they're alleging things that didn't happen. But they also know full well that it's the initial scream that gets the headlines and the so-called correction gets buried in the back section. And they know that there will inevitably be a number of Republicans who freak out by the initial allegations and go off the conservative reservation in trying to play nice. Bush did it with his pledging billions of dollars in money to rebuild after Katrina. Bush and the GOP as a whole did it in reinstating Davis Bacon wage floors for those involved in rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Ashcroft did it in appointing a special prosecutor to look into the Plame kerfuffle. Frist is doing it now in responding to Democrat screams about the profits the energy companies are making.

Amazingly, but not surprisingly, the Republicans keep letting the Democrats get away with it. They don't jump to the microphone and point out the Democrats have a serious case of Chicken Littleitis, that time and time again the Democrats make allegations that don't hold up under examination. They panic by trying to show that they too 'care'. And they don't respond in kind.

The GOP has met the enemy, and it is not the liberals... it is themselves.