Friday, October 28, 2005

If stupidity is defined as doing the same thing but expecting a different result, how can I avoid calling Condi Rice stupid for her asking Palestinian leader Abbas to stop attacking Israel?

When I was younger, and arguing with someone, I thought that the only thing I had to do to get the other side to see the error of their ways was to repeat my arguments... eventually, they would see I was right and balance would be restored to the cosmos. When that didn't work, I would blame myself for not making my arguments properly, so I would rephrase my arguments, approach the argument from a slightly different perspective and so on.

Then I realized the problem wasn't a communication problem that could be cured by more talking; the other side had heard and understood my arguments very well, it was simply that they disagreed with me and no amount of effort on my part was going to change that dynamic.

So, Condi, I know you're new on the job and think rather highly of yourself and your abilities. But on what basis are you figuring that your asking the Palestinians to stop attacking Israel is going to work, considering that many, many, many people before you have made the same request?