Monday, May 16, 2005

I'll agree that somebody ought to get fired at Newsweek. Who depends on exactly who screwed up...

If Isikoff misrepresented the story or his supposed corroboration to his editors, then I'd start - and probably end - with firing him.
If, on the other hand, Isikoff followed Newsweek policy and kept his editors apprised of what he had and didn't have, then the question is whether Newsweek policy would allow such a story into print.
If it did, I would fire whomever was responsible for establishing that policy.
If Newsweek policy precluded such a story from being printed, then somebody broke policy and I would fire that person, as well as whomever was responsible for supervising that person.

I would not fire anybody because, as the chant goes, "Newsweek lied, people died". I'm not upset because 16 people died. I, for one, agree with this sentiment: "The problem is that people will kill over a book being desecrated... There is something wrong when people value a book, of which there are millions, over human lives.... The problem is an ignorant and violent subculture within the islamic world...". Yes folks, it it is these wonderful people who are the ones protesting, they are for the most part the ones getting themselves shot. I will, however, get ticked off because as, Will Collier puts it, "...my own brother-in-law is stationed in Afghanistan, and thanks to the above ass clowns, his job just got a whole lot harder and more dangerous".