Monday, April 04, 2005

The Washington Post is off to a great start this week with their fawning profile of a cop-killer...

The Post gives the killer a nice 6x9 color picture on the front page of the Style section (which appears on their web story as well)... David Mobilio, the murdered policeman, gets a 1x2 picture. There's five pictures and approximately 98 inches of text, of which only two pictures and less than 1/2 inch of text has any mention of the murdered policeman... the other pictures and the rest of the text is devoted to the killer, the killer's family, the killer's friends, the killer's defense strategy and the killer's family reaching out to the Unabomber's family. Nothing at all on the murdered policeman, the murdered policeman's wife, the murdered policeman's young child, the murdered policeman's colleagues or the murdered policeman's family and friends.

Now, some might ask, why should the Post give any space at all to an unknown cop from Red Bluff, California? His murder back in November 2002 didn't make the national news. But how then can the Post explain why the previously unknown killer of this unknown and media-unworthy cop warrants such extensive coverage?

Could the answer be that the reporter fancies the killer as the Timothy McVeigh of the left? After all, the killer wrote a manifesto that appeared on "more than a dozen Web sites operated by the left-leaning Independent Media Center", in which he ranted against 'corporate irresponsibility', claimed that "corporations are nothing but a bunch of pirates", and said it was "time to send them to a watery grave, and rip them completely out of our lives".

Just the kind of angle to capture the fancy of your typical left-leaning reporter. The killer's heart was in the right place... he just was a bit off base with how he went about things, right? The killer did all the right things while growing up. The killer went to Evergreen State College, the liberal bastion in Olympia, Washington, where the students do not get letter grades and get to watch Susan Sontag films. The killer traveled to the West Bank and Colombia with human rights groups. The killer protested against the IMF and World Bank. Even the killer joining the Army, not usually the type of thing that the left approves of, is explained away as a way of the killer's thinking 'out of the box'. How could a 31 year old policeman, working the graveyard shirt in never-heard-of-it-before Red Bluff to support his wife and infant son, ever compete with that?

Now let's contrast the lack of coveage of the murder victim and his family in the above story with the Post's Metro section front-page story on how city parents fear their kids becoming a victim of the latest rash of shootings involving those under 21 years old. There's quite a few sympathetic mentions of parents who have lost kids and of parents who fear losing their kids. There's absolutely NO mention of those doing the shootings. There's absolutely NO mention of the friends and family of those doing the shootings.

I guess it's just because those doing the shootings in Washington never declared themselves to be the enemy of the evil corporate world...