Monday, April 25, 2005

To me, the most damaging part of the story that DeLay's travel expenses were charged to a lobbyist's credit card are the specifics of the charges... that he played golf at St. Andrews on someone else's dime.

To all of DeLay's defenders, I ask you this: what kind of gyrations do you have to go through to justify Tom DeLay playing golf at St. Andrews and not paying for it out of his own pocket? Having anyone - whether it be lobbyist, non-profit organization, corporation, or US taxpayer - pay for him to play one of the world's best golf courses is an abuse of his position as Majority Leader. It had nothing to do with his duties as a US Congressman. It was nothing more than DeLay doing something "because he could".

That is why he needs to be removed as Majority Leader. If it means agreeing with Garry Trudeau, well that's the way it goes. As McQ put it "Its a matter of ethics. You either have them or you don't. They're either important to you or they're not. You either expect leaders to do the right things or not".