Friday, April 01, 2005

Powerline is unhappy that Sandy Berger only has to plead guilty to a misdemeanor...

I, on the other hand, think things worked out pretty well. Berger is toast. As the saying goes, he'll never work in this town again. No positions in future Democratic administrations. No positions advising Democratic candidates for President.

As for Powerline's arguments that Berger's actions kept light from being shined on the Clinton Administration's actions - negligence as Powerline puts it - in dealing with terrorism, that is so September 10th thinking. It no longer matters what happened back in the 90s. We all know that Clinton passed on chances to nail Bin Laden. We know that terrorism wasn't a high priority for Clinton.. but neither was it a high priority for Bush prior to 9/11.

What matters now is what Bush does in combatting the threats we face. And sending Berger to jail for twenty years doesn't do anything to help in that regard...