Saturday, April 09, 2005

Power Line might very well be right in thinking that Time Magazine is trying to show American soldiers/war in Iraq in a bad light. But if you look closely at the picture, the American soldier seems to be reading, not beaten (look at the materials between his legs). How lame is Time if they're trying to show US soldiers looking beaten and they can't find one so they have to twist the meaning of an innocuos picture?

UPDATE: A commenter says that an enlargement of the reading material shows it is sideways and thus the soldier couldn't have been reading. Maybe, maybe not. But at first glance, it sure seems that the soldier is reading. Did Time's editors zoom the picture to confirm the soldier wasn't reading before they used it? Did the photographer have some insight into what the soldier was doing/thinking? I doubt it. To me, the photographer saw a soldier with his head down, which fit with his objective of showing American soldiers looking beaten, dejected, sad, anything but happy and roaring to go. So he took the shot.