Monday, April 11, 2005

The news that India and China have agreed to form a partnership makes me wonder just how smart an idea it was for the US to agree to sell F16s to Pakistan, and to do that just days after Rice said there were no immediate plans for selling F16s to Pakistan (just what is the definition of 'immediate' anyway?).

If the Bush Administration was set on ignoring those who question Pakistan's contributions in the war on terror, isn't there a way of rewarding Pakistan that doesn't involve giving them planes that, let's face it, are meant to be used solely as a means of threatening India?

Our history in that region has shown us that anytime we do something with either India or Pakistan that the other can remotely take as a sign of the United States taking sides in their long running dispute, they will do so... which the Indian government has in fact done with our decision to sell planes to Pakistan. And, it seems, every time one or the other starts to think they're on the short end of the stick, they go looking for allies and support... which the Indian government has just seemingly done with China.

Given all of our concerns about China, why would we want to do anything to drive India into China's arms?