Thursday, April 07, 2005

Let's not be so quick to annoint Mark Warner as the scourge of the illegal alien... nor to conclude that coming down hard (if this is indeed defined as coming down hard) on illegal immigrants represents a Democratic play in 2008...

Sure, Warner just signed a bill that denies illegal aliens public benefits, including access to Medicaid, welfare and local health care services. But the Republican controlled Legislature had passed the bill with veto-proof margins - making Warner's signature superfluous. Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate to succeed Warner, is trailing his GOP opponent, Jerry Kilgore, who has made illegal immigration a major theme of his campaign... an advantage for Kilgore which is now somewhat neutralized (keep in mind that if the GOP wins back the Virginia Governorship this fall that Warner's stock drops big time).

Let's not forget that Warner's pick to head the panel that will monitor the law actually opposes the law (although, to be fair, he says he will comply with the law) and that, not too long ago, Warner vetoed legislation that would have required illegal aliens to pay out-of-state tuition at state universities. Not exactly a consistent pattern of standing firm against illegal immigration, is it?