Thursday, April 07, 2005

Kevin mocks those who say that "liberals are smarter and therefore more likely to have the PhD qualifications needed to teach at universities".

Of course, liberals are smarter... at least they think they are. What self-respecting liberal would ever admit that conservatives are generally smarter than liberals? On the contrary, believing in conservative principles is taken as prima facie proof of stupidity (as well of selfishness and closemindedness and bigotry).

But there's actually more to it than just liberal conceit. Liberals are smarter than conservatives... especially when the liberals are the ones defining smartness. Liberals have made it their mission to destroy and discredit standardized testing (IQ tests, the SAT). Liberals measure intelligence in accordance with the old adage "brilliance is defined by the degree to which one agrees with me". And with liberals dominating the committees that recommend candidates for university faculty positions, is it any surprise that those people who the committee deems 'smart' will be those who agree with the liberal viewpoints of the committee?