Saturday, April 09, 2005

For those of you who don't read Doonesbury (no apologies needed) Garry Trudeau is running a series of strips where the daughter of a properly liberal and well-off couple talks to a military recruiter about going into the military. Of course, the parents are stunned.

Of course, the daughter isn't doing so out of any patriotism, but rather for the signing bonuses and cool looking berets. The daughter is shown as some innocent waif caught up by the salesmanship of the recruiter... that must be the only way people join the military; obviously no one would do so if they had a chance to think about it, would they?

But (so far) the biggest slur against the military and those who go in is with Trudeau's portrayal of the parents (actually the dad and a step-mom) as stunned, stunned, stunned. Such typical liberal attitudes.... They certainly raised their kids better than that, didn't they? They would never consider a life in the military, how could their daughter? Sure, the military might be okay for other people, but not for smart, cool, liberal types such as themselves. They can't stand Bush (the daughter was even a Deaniac of months past), how could their daughter do anything that could even remotely be taken as an endorsement of Bush?

I just can't wait for the next weeks worth of strips.