Friday, April 08, 2005

Et tu, Rich? Rich Lowry seems to excuse Tom DeLay because it's the Democrats who are leading the charge against him. I'm especially bothered by Rich's comment that although "DeLay has gotten too comfortable with the perks of power and had a cringe-making relationship with a sleazy Washington lobbyist named Jack Abramoff", "given the ways of Washington, these shouldn't be firing offenses, especially when the outrage over them is driven less by good-government zeal than frank partisanship".

Rich, it doesn't matter who brings the charges. It doesn't matter the motivation of those bringing the charges. Were the charges you brought against against Bill Clinton supposed to be discounted and ignored because you're a Republican?

Nor does it matter if everybody is doing it, if Harry Reid is putting his relatives on the payroll, if Tom Daschle's wife brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying fees that she never would have gotten had her husband not been Senate Majority Leader, or if the papers are ignoring Nancy Pelosi abusing her influence in favor of contributors. It doesn't matter if the charges brought against DeLay relate to years-old behavior. It doesn't matter if the other side can claim a scalp. The only thing that matters is if there is any substance to the charges. If there is, then we all have an obligation to take action.