Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Are we the Pot or are we the Kettle, part deux...

I'm no fan of theirs, but the advertisement run by the liberal interest group Campaign for America’s Future which attacks Tom DeLay gets it just right...

“Once upon a time, conservatives stood for honest government. Just read Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative. Now, their chosen leader is the symbol of money corruption in Washington.”

“Conservatives once stood for limited government. Now, their chosen leader drags Congress into one family’s private tragedy. Conservatives once stood for family values. Now, their chosen leader does the bidding of gambling lobbyists. Conservatives once stood for common sacrifice in times of national emergency. Now, their chosen leader takes lavish junkets around the world, paid for by mysterious foreign interests.”

“Conservatives once challenged Beltway corruption. Now, even the Wall Street Journal editorialized that conservatives’ chosen leader’ smells just like thee Beltway itself.’ Tom DeLay is the man conservatives chose to be Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. They voted for him, even though three of his closest associates had been indicted by a grand jury for illegally raising political funds from corporations. They voted for him though he had been rebuked three times by the bipartisan House ethics committee: for giving inside access to campaign contributors, for coercing a lawmaker to vote the party line on the Medicare bill, and for improperly using a federal agency to track political opponents.”

“Now conservatives rally to his defense, saying he hasn’t been convicted of any crimes yet. Once, conservatives had higher standards for their leaders. Once upon a time...”

UPDATE: And with even the yellow dogs like Professor Bainbridge picking up an odor not smelled since the days of Jim Wright, it's only a matter of time... until we see which one comes first...the GOP getting their act together or the public tossing them out...