Saturday, March 26, 2005

Why is this news?

The Washington Post features some clown who is selling the 'Fox Blocker', a device that you can attach to your television set that filters out Fox News Channel.

Here's a question for that paragon of balance, the Washington Post: was yesterday a particularly slow news day? What otherwise would justify so many inches of column space to something so insignificant and needless? As even the inventor admits, nobody needs this device in order to not watch FoxNews. Nor is it flying off the shelves, not with revenues still in the 3 figures (the inventor has sold about 100 of the devices at $8.95 per). I've seen lemonade stands that generate more business.

Was it simply that the opportunity to take a shot at FoxNews was too good to pass up? Feeling a wee bit upset because FoxNews viewership is not only twice that of your fellow-traveler CNN, it dwarfs your teeny circulation?