Sunday, March 20, 2005

When I was younger, I was so convinced that anyone who disagreed with me was wrong that all I had to do was keep repeating my arguments, sometimes L O U D E R and S L O W E R, and all those who disagreed with me would eventually come around to my point of view. Then I learned... some people were just set on being wrong.

I feel the same way with the Terry Schiavo case. It's been very disappointing to see conservatives act as bad as the liberals in making things up, ignoring the law as written in favor of interpreting it the way we'd like it to have been written, twisting facts to fit a set of talking points, sticking our collective noses where they don't belong, and trampling precedent and conservatives principles.

I've tried yelling. I've tried posting comments and sticking trackbacks on pro-intervention blogger's posts. I've tried to get the good Professor to run some of my posts on the matter (no such luck, at least not yet).

But it hasn't mattered. Not when we have Peggy Noonan all but calling for GOP leaders to storm the hospice. Not when we have Congress issuing a subpoena to a comatose woman. Not when her family and supporters engage in character assasination (of Michael Schiavo) in ways not seen since the last days of the Clinton Administration. Not when the leading blogs of the right have been at the forefront of the campaign to keep her alive and have been so willing to engage in the same type of behavior they've previously condemned.

All of these people feel they're doing the right thing - but so did Justice Kennedy in outlawing the execution of those who committed their crimes while under the age of 18, Barbara Boxer in disputing the 2004 election results, the Massachusetts Supreme Court in mandating the state accept gay marriage, Mary Mapes and Dan Rather in using the documents and running their story, Eason Jordan making the statements that he did, and the Senate Democrats filibustering Bush's judicial nominations.

Conservatives rightly criticized all of the above. But in the future our arguments will fall on deaf ears (more so than in the past), now that we've shown ourselves to be just as capable as the left in utilizing an end justifies the means approach to situations such as this.

We have met the hypocrites, and they are us. And, in the long term, that will hurt this country big time - much more so than if Terry Schiavo fades away.