Thursday, March 17, 2005

WHAT A CROCK... Dick Morris claims that Islamic terrorism is due to our use of Middle Eastern oil....

In what I'm guessing is his play to suck on Schwarzenegger's toes, Morris writes that "Schwarzenegger is working to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism once and for all — by ending our dependence on foreign oil and stopping the worldwide economic and climatic distortions that global oil usage causes".

Let me see if I have this straight. We're not being attacked because our 'way of life' - our culture, democracy, women who don't wear burkas - presents a threat to the Islamofacists, nor because of our support for Israel (just to cite two of the reasons given by the likes of Ward Churchill for why we deserve to be attacked). No, Morris claims, we're being attacked because we buy oil from them. Are they mad at us because they would rather be poor? Are they mad at us because they think we're not paying enough?

And why would be singled out for attack? We're not the only country that uses oil pumped from the Middle East. And why aren't we being attacked by the other countries who produce oil? Russia and Venezuela produce oil - are we going to be attacked by them as well?

Morris, I can't say this any other way, nor do I want to say it any other way.... you are an idiot.