Monday, March 21, 2005

To clear up a couple of (what I thiink of as) misperceptions out there...

First, contrary to what Paul writes, I haven't been playing games to save murderers. I'm not a liberal - and I'm not sure how anyone who reads my posts would ever think so. I object to forum shopping - whether it be filing in state or federal court - whether it be Democrats, plaintiff's attorneys or Republicans doing it. Nor do I want Terri Schiavo dead. What I want is for Florida law to be followed - if that results in her husband having the final say in pulling the tubes, so be it.

Second, contrary to what Xrlq writes, I am not looking to play 'gotcha'. Republicans are using many of the same tactics that Democrats have long used - tactics which we have rightfully criticized the Democrats for using - and I see no need or obligation to stand by and watch it happen. I think there will be hell to pay as a result - when we lose our soapbox for denouncing Democratic tactics that result to their agenda being enacted - that will have more far-reaching consequences that what happens to Terri Schiavo. And I haven't "accuse(d) other people of lacking principles solely because they disagree" (with me). I'm saying the GOP is acting in ways that run counter to principles that have guided the party for very many years. It's not the same thing. And I'm not saying that because they disagree with me. We both want the same outcome - but I feel the Republicans have crossed a line in pursuing that outcome.

I do readily agree that I am not a team player. I don't support Republicans, per se. I don't vote for them because I like them. I vote for them because having a Democrat in office would be far worse.

And I apologize for not spelling her name right. I've been so fixed on spelling her last name right I've totally missed that I've been misspelling her first name.