Monday, March 07, 2005

Seems the labor movement is caught in a classic Catch-22.. they need to boost membership but (they claim) the political climate needs to be changed for that to happen.... but in order to change the political climate, they need more members.

Once upon a time (back when my great-relatives were in the lead of organizing the Meatcutters), unions served a purpose. Once upon a time, union leaders worked for the benefit of their members. That was back in the days before the likes of Hoffa, corruption in the union pension funds, advocates of big government and blind allegiance to the Democratic Party (are the last two points somewhat redundant?).

Now they are nothing more than just another interest group, a once-powerful cartel terribly upset at losing their power, status and influence. Who needs to pay attention to them when they represent a whopping 8% of the private-sector American workforce?