Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Keith at Sortapundit has an interesting proposal should the FEC start creating trouble for blogs... that bloggers outsource their commentary by posting their commentary on blogs hosted overseas .

While interesting, I'm not sure that such steps will ever have to be taken: for the 99.9% of the blogosphere, those without advertising and/or connections to political candidates and parties, any FEC regulations will be a non-issue. The rules won't affect them and they continue to post their commentary with nary a care.

I'm also not a fan of doing end runs around US laws. It's impossible to say if such would be illegal (especially since no regulations have yet been issued), but it would be improper. We're supposed to obey the law, even, and perhaps especially, those that we don't like... in spirit as well as substance.

But I certainly give Keith credit for creativity.