Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's pretty sad, the gyrations the Democrats are going through to preserve their ability to filibuster Bush's judicial nominations... whether it is some idiot claiming the Senate Democrats have a mandate, Harry Reid losing it, or Howard Dean just being silly, they are pulling out all the stops to try and keep the Republicans from doing what everybody knows the Republicans can do. Their arguments are ridiculous - and they know it. Heck, they've rejected those arguments themselves in the not-too-distant past. They know they don't have the votes on their side of the aisle alone. They know the American people (which, by definition, are not found among the Lost Kos) could care less about their 'right' to filibuster. Their only hope is that a few Senate Republicans get cold feet. So, the only question is whether the Republicans have the guts to pull it off - or whether their desire to get positive press in the MSM will keep them from doing what is right. While the jury is still out on whether the Senate Republicans can stand up and be counted on this issue, their past history is not encouraging. Far too many times, they've buckled under imaginary pressure from the same Democrats who wouldn't - and didn't - give them the time of day back when the Democrats were in the majority.

In situations such as this, it's always a good idea to consider whether the other side would do if the roles were reversed. Does anybody have the slightest doubt that the Democrats would go nuclear were the Republicans to ever try to filibuster a Democratic President's judicial nominations? For all their talk about civility, just how civil has Teddy Kennedy been? John Kerry? Barbara Boxer? Tom Daschle (you know, the guy who once used to be important)?

To my Senators, John Warner and George Allen, I beg you to vote in favor of eliminating the Democrats ability to continue filibustering Bush's nominations. The people who voted for you expect no less from you. And, if this makes it any easier, I can assure you the Democrats - no matter what they say to your face - can't stand either one of you....