Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I was sure I could count on Harold Meyerson to find a way of attacking the GOP over the Schiavo case, and today, in a WaPo op-ed he delivers...

According to standard liberal doctrine, of which Meyerson is a devout follower, no Republican can ever be acting on principle unless said action is one that liberals approve, the GOP leadership is to be condemned for their getting involved in the Schiavo matter. He suggests that Bush got involved to detract from his trouble selling Social Security reform to the public, DeLay got involved as a distraction from his ethics problems and Frist got involved to shore up support among the right in advance of his anticipated Presidential run.

Now I've criticized the GOP leadership for getting involved in this case - but I've never doubted that they were sincere in their beliefs. Why, pray tell, would they take a position that, according to Meyerson, the public disagrees with if not out of principle? Why would Bush get involved, taking time and attention away from pushing the Social Security reform that is the centerpieice of his domestic agenda for his second term if not out of principle? As for DeLay, when has he ever cared about what a Democrat - who are the only ones dwelling on his ethics - thinks about him?

As I've posted before, it's galling to hear a liberal criticize the GOP for doing what liberals have done and applauded for decades. In a way, it's funny how the GOP usually gets trashed for sticking to conservative principles... only when they get trashed for not sticking to conservative principles. And if there's anyone that lacks the standing to criticize the GOP for trampling over its conservative doctrine, it is Meyerson - a long time cheerleader for liberal activism. Does he plan to never, never again stick his nose where it doesn't belong? If yes, great, I'll welcome him as a critic. If he doesn't - as we know he never could, since the public truly doesn't support what he wants to accomplish, and without judicial activism he has no chance of ever living to see his agenda enacted - then I'll ask him politely to shut the **** up.

Psst... Fred Hiatt, when you go and find another woman op-ed columnist in order to satisfy the diversity police, how about giving her Meyerson's space?