Friday, March 18, 2005

Are we the Pot or the Kettle?

Ace, Wizbang, Captain Ed, NRO, Powerline, and Professor Bainbridge, just to name a few of the conservative/libertarian sites who are (at least to me) endorsing the-anything-goes-to-save-Terry Schiavo-strategy...

I'm really disappointed in them - it's sad to find out that your side is no better than the other side when it comes to making one's own rules, of disregarding the law, of violating what is supposed to be conservative philosophy. We're not supposed to be the ones calling for government to get involved - yet it was those who want to keep her alive that dragged the government into the mix. We're not supposed to be the ones calling for the federal government to get involved in what is a state matter - yet they did. We're supposed to resist the temptation to have Congress stick its nose into every last thing - yet it is the conservatives in Congress who are trying to pass laws and issuing ridiculous subpoenas to have her testify. What do they expect to do, drag her hospice bed up to Congress, then threaten her with contempt if she doesn't answer the questions? We're supposed to be the ones upset at judges making things up as they go along instead of following what is a pretty clear law. We're supposed to be the ones calling for an end to the creative use of the courts to continually rejudicate what has already been decided over and over and over again. We're not the ones who are supposed to be all for having Hillary's village stick their nose into what is supposed to be a decision for her husband to make (he may be an a**, but he is still her husband), yet we're out there demanding the village do just that.

It just goes to show that conservatives are no better than liberals when it comes to playing by the rules. That neither side is above using an end-justifies-the-means approach to this, or any other issue. That conservatives adhere to precedent no more than do liberals. That conservatives will go jurisdiction shopping the same as the most vile of plaintiff's attorneys. That conservatives are just as willing to look for judges who make things up as they go along as are liberals.

So, in the future, when it is the liberals doing what we are now doing... creatively using the courts and the legislature to rule that gay marriage must be accepted nationwide, to end the death penalty altogether, to obligate us to follow Kyoto because international norms dictate that we do, to increase taxes, to do whatever it is that liberals lay awake at night hoping they could do... just remember that we'll have no room to complain. Because neither side is different in the tactics they use - they only differ in what they hope to achieve by using those tactics.

If it were me lying there, I'd want the tubes kept in as long as possible. I hope that my wife and relatives would follow my wish (and it's only a wish, I'm not going for the official paper). But the decision is up to her - when I married her, it was for better or worse, and I put a lot of faith in her doing the right thing. And, if she decides to pull the plug, well, that is her choice... I'd hope the rest of you would keep the heck away from me...

UPDATE: I'll add La Shawn Barber to the list...