Friday, August 27, 2004

With regards to Kerry claiming a Silver Star with a Combat "V", let me contribute the following...

In Tour of Duty, in describing the March 13 action in which Kerry won a bronze star, Zumwalt's citation is quoted, including the line "Lieutenant (junior grade) Kerry is authorized to wear the Combat "V" ".

The book, in describing the February 28 mission, in which Kerry was awarded the Silver Star, although the book mentions that Zumwalt was responsible for awarding the Silver Star to Kerry, includes the citation, which DOES NOT HAVE ANY MENTION OF A COMBAT V.

Looks like Zumwalt included the language authorizing the Combat "V" when he felt it due. Should we infer that its absence shows that Zumwalt didn't feel it appropriate in this situation???

UPDATE: First, as always, thanks to the good professor for the link, it's always appreciated. Second, for mention of Kerry's combat "V" to have gotten on the Kerry web site, someone must have posted it. Either Kerry sat down and typed it himself or some flunky was either told to do it or was given material that contained such a reference. What were they given and when were they given it? People have a right to know...