Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nice to see Hugh Hewitt joining in the search for Kerry's lost dog...

To recap, Kerry claimed that he had a dog aboard the Swiftboat which was propelled through the air and landed unhurt on another boat. I haven't been able to find any substantiation for this claim. Maybe now that Hugh is on the case, things will change...


UPDATE II: this has been a bit frustrating, that other than some chuckles here and there, this story has never had legs. To me, it's a bit like the Christmas in Cambodia story: easily confirmed or disproven - and , IF DISPROVEN, STRIKES AT KERRY'S CREDIBILITY. In addition to what I've posted previously, let me add the following: the animation of the action on March 13 show Kerry's boat wasn't close to any other boat when the mine (supposedly went off) - the further the distance to the next boat, the less likely any dog could land unhurt. Second, now that I've seen pictures and the layout of a Swiftboat, I don't see any real landing areas. Third, Kerry, in telling the story to the animal group, didn't say anything about having to first pick someone out of the water before looking for the dog (although he may have thought including Rassman in the story would be improper). Fourth, there's no mention of any other mine explosion taking place next to Kerry's boat on other missions. Fifth, and the most incriminating, in all of the current debate about what did and did not happen that day, the dog has never come up: not by Rassman, not by Thurlow, not by anyone. Sixth, there is a picture circulating of Kerry with a dog while in Vietnam - no mention of its most excellent adventure, however.