Tuesday, March 11, 2003

So the US has flatly rejected a 45 day delay. Does this mean that a 30 day delay would be OK? If 30 days is OK, then why not 35? And, if 35 is OK, why not 60? This all reminds me of the joke with the punch line "...lady, we've determined what you are. We're just discussing the price".

What are we waiting for? Tod Lindberg points out that all that can be said has been said. I agree. So what is there that the supposedly wavering countries are waiting to see, to hear, to think about? If one haven't seen enough yet to buy into the concept, then one never will. Isn't it clear that the motivation behind the arguments for delay is not to get to a point where all vote yes, but to continually put off the day nations have to stand up and be counted, in the hope that day never comes? We're idiots if we think otherwise.

Let's get on with it. Have the vote now. Let everybody show their cards....