Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Just finished the Newsweek articles (the link is too just one of them) that basically pins the blame on America, and President Bush specifically, for all that is wrong with the world.

The French don't support our attacking Iraq, it's Bush's fault. The UN Security Council members are upset, it's our fault. And so on and so on, it's all our fault. Why? We're too strong, too arrogant, too whatever; it doesn't really matter, (all together now) it's just all fault.

A few questions:

First, is Newsweek channeling Tom Daschle? He also seems to feel that everything is our fault.

Second, why is it our fault? It's the height of chutzpah for these other countries to take positions that run (we feel) counter to our interests and then complain that it is our fault that they do so. A German government official likens Bush to Hitler, Rumsfeld takes a shot in return, and we're the ones exhibiting the bad behavior? A Mexican government official takes a shot at our strategy for ridding the world of Hussein and his WMDs, we mention to his superior that we don't appreciate such comments from a supposed ally, and we are accused of running roughshod over this very same supposed ally. Bush doesn't support the ICC, because it doesn't provide sufficient protections for American citizens and Newsweek faults Bush. Sorry, I just don't see it that way.

Why is Newsweek (and Daschle) so focused on process and not the end result and is either of them living in reality? Our troops will be moving very soon to start the process of disarming Hussein. Do they think Hussein would have gone peaceful, if only we had French military support? I doubt it, especially if it were the French troops who got their butts kicked out of the Ivory Coast. We're not part of the ICC - I haven't heard any great arguments why we should be in. We told off the Mexican Foreign Minister - maybe next time they'll think twice before spouting off comments that are detrimental to our efforts. As an aside, Newsweek blasts Rumsfeld for his comments and thinks foreign criticism is warranted - yet, the US apparently isn't able to react in the same way to comments made by foreign officials.

And, finally, why should we care? As my mother told me many times, "Life's too short to worry about other people having their noses out of joint. Do what you think is right, and let everybody deal with it". I'm not losing any sleep over whether the French think the US isn't showing them enough respect. I've got enough real problems to lose sleep over....