Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I've previously posted that I saw nothing less than a 100% chance that Bush would commit the troops, that it wasn't a question of if, just a matter of when. Now, for me the question is whether Bush has the staying power to outlast the inevitable snags, glitches, snafus and the like that will quite possibly arise during the conflict. No matter what happens, whether it is a high number of Iraqi civilians getting killed, high US battle casualties, Hussein's use of chemical or biological weapons, or Hussein's attacking of neighboring countries, it's important that Bush not waver in his determination to rid the region of Hussein.

According to Jim Robbins at National Review Online, Hussein's battle and survival plan may indeed rely on Bush blinking. The French, Russians, the anti-war (anti-American) protesters, the Arab 'street', the Democrats at home, and perhaps even Colin Powell - they're all waiting for such an occasion to start pushing Bush to 'negotiate' an end to the fighting.

We all should remember the last few times an American President packed up too soon: Carter at Desert One, Reagan in Beirut, Clinton in Somalia - in all cases, they chose the politically expedient route, and, in all cases, a choice had profound negative repercussions for the US.

Let's hope Bush can once again outlast his critics.....