Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I've had it with the tractor guy - take him out already, please!

How many police officers have been detailed to deal with this guy and the effects of his sitting in the Reflecting Pool for the past three days? How many other (scarce) resources are being used up? With the threat level raised to orange, wouldn't these officers and resources be better used elsewhere? Perhaps on security details protecting government buildings and mass transit, contributing to other anti-terrorism efforts, or at the very least on patrol duty in residential neighborhoods?

The way I see it, this guy is a threat to the public, and his actions are putting innocent lives at risk. The police need to get over their reluctance to use force and remove him from the scene. If they can do so in a non-lethal way, fine. If not, I'm not going to lose sleep over it. And the people elsewhere in the city whose lives would likely be saved will be able to sleep, period....

UPDATE: It's over, the guy gave up.