Sunday, March 16, 2003

I don't want to hear Bush telling us we're going to war, as Josh Chafetz thinks will happen....

I want to hear him tell us that we are at war.

I don't want, nor do I need, to have advance warning of a US/UK attack. Not that it wouldn't be cool having someone in the White House Situation Room letting me know that our troops and planes are on the move, it's that I don't want anyone on the other side knowing in advance that their time has run out.

No advance word means no time for the Iraqis to get into their bunkers, launch missiles at our troops or a neigboring country, blow up the oil fields, or flood the lowlands. Admittedly, my lack of military experience is vast - nonetheless, I don't can't imagine War College teaching our generals to announce their plans in advance. Roosevelt never announced the particulars of the D-day landings - a good thing for our troops, as it turned out, as Hitler refused to recognize the attack for what it was, even after the attack had taken place! No advance word also means no time for Hussein to play last minute games. Any such 11th hour concessions would be offered up only to cause doubt among our allies, thus preventing or further delaying the attack.

Look, we know we're attacking. The Iraqis may or may not know, they certainly don't know the timing. To the extent that they're in the dark, let's keep them that way. Having Bush make a prime time announcement just isn't worth the possible negative consequences of doing so.