Monday, March 24, 2003

David Adesnik at OxBlog refers to the NYT quoting an American general's comment that "...in an attack like the one on the helicopters, "you have 10 guys lying on top of a building firing RPG's and small arms. You can go in and bomb that building and reduce it to rubble," but at the potential cost of many civilian lives."

Again, at the risk of really repeating myself, why are we not taking out that building? Our concern for Iraqi civilians is admirable. However, in real war, this concern is jeopardizing American and British lives - either of which is far more valuable than that of an Iraqi civilian. And, more importantly, the Iraqis are taking those positions because they think they are safe - destroy the building and the Iraqis will soon get the idea that shooting at American forces, from wherever they do so, is a good way to get killed. Only then will the Iraqis stop taking refuge in civilian locations. And only then will they stop fighting.