Sunday, March 09, 2003

Continuing a series of thoughts that long precede this blog....

PATHETIC GOP P/R - Part trois...

It seems not so long ago that the Democrats, having control of Congress, were daring the Republicans to launch a filibuster against whatever issue the Republicans were arguing against and lacking the votes on the floor of the Senate. The Democrats were positive that the Republicans would cave, rather than be held responsible for the delay in discussing other pressing business - and, time after time, the Democrats were proven correct.

So, why now, with the shoes on the other feet, are the Republicans incapable of forcing the issue with the Estrada nomination? The Democrats are filibustering and the Republicans let them get away with it? Why doesn't the GOP pull out the press releases of a few years back and throw Daschle's and Kennedy's words (if not specifically these two, then whoever it was back then criticizing the Republican attempts to filibuster) back at them? Why does the GOP let the Democrats constantly suceed in defining the issue?

With tactics this bad, I wonder just how it is that the Republicans manage to keep people voting for them?