Monday, March 17, 2003

Andrew Sullivan doesn't go far enough with his condemnation of Ted Rall's latest rant.

In writing about the Vietnam War, Rall writes "...(l)osing to Third Worlders in PJs led Americans to decades of relative humility, self-examination ....". Keep in mind that, for the most part, countries lose wars when they suffer casualties that exceed their willingness to absorb those casualties on behalf of whatever cause they are fighting for. Amazingly, he is celebrating the loss of American lives in Vietnam. I'm not sure that even Jane Fonda went that far.

As for a war against Iraq, he writes "(t)he thing is, we don't really have to win". Well, Ted, the only way we don't win is if lots of American soldiers die. Are you actually rooting for that? Have you picked out the names yourself, out of the 300,000 American troops stationed in the area? I can't imagine any of these soldiers having enlisted thinking that "I might die in combat - whether it's saving American lives or teaching America humility, it doesn't matter to me".

At the end of your column, Rall writes that ".I want our troops to return home safely. I want them to live". Well, which is it Ted - do you want them to live or do you want us to lose?